How can I start my own blog?

It’s actually really simple. All you need is a website to call your own (also known as a domain) and a program to create and post all of your content.

With these two things, you have a website that is yours and yours alone. You have total control of everything that goes into it. It’s an awesome feeling, to call a piece of the internet your own, like staking your own claim of an exciting new frontier.

I’m not very tech-savvy. Can I do this?

The concept of designing and running a blog sounds daunting, but with my help, it won’t be. I’m going to show you the best programs and services the internet has to offer, all of which are designed to make the process quick, easy, and fun!

In other words, tech-savvy isn’t a requirement. You can rest easy, anyone can do this!


How much does having a blog cost?

Normally you would have to pay for the website address and pay a yearly fee for the hosting service to keep your website up and running, but today I’m going to show you how to cut out that web address fee completely for your first year!

So essentially, the cost of running a blog is less than the price of your morning coffee at Starbucks. Not to mention, this investment has the potential to make you full-time profits each month, enough to quit your day job even! I’d say that kind of return is worth the investment.


How do you make money with the blog?

I get this question a lot. I make money from my blog by collaborations/campaigns, sponsored posts, and through affiliate programs. Sponsored posts are when brands pay to be featured within a blog post (those are noted with “Sponsored”). Affiliate programs work through some of my links. For example, if you click a link on my site and make a purchase through one of those links, I may make a commission from that purchase.


I want to start a blog. What is your advice?

Keep writing and always post clear, colorful images. Write about whatever makes you happy and what your passions are. Why do you want to write a blog? Whatever pops into your head is your gut reason for writing, so go ahead and write, write, write! Eventually everything will just flow naturally. Do not give up and never, ever, EVER compare yourself to other bloggers! Keep going and just be you.