For Men With Style: Best Beaded Bracelets

You will probably not believe this, but beaded bracelets for men have been around for thousands of years. And, they were almost never there for practical purposes. Essentially, these bracelets have been one of the rare exclusively aesthetic pieces men would wear.

And now, we have a lot of options we can choose from, varying in materials, design, and overall look. So, we have created a list of the best bracelets we would recommend any stylish man to try.

Skulls and Tiger’s Eye

This subtle bracelet looks very elegant, but it also hides a secret most people won’t notice as they pass you by. Tiger’s eye stones go well with any combination you can think of. You can wear them with most colors and on all occasions. But, this bracelet has a couple of barely noticeable skulls on it for men who want to remain rugged.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is one of the most beautiful blue stones you will ever find. And the blue color of this bracelet will serve to calm you down when you are under stress. This minimalist accessory is subtle, and it looks great.

Tiger’s Eye and Gold

If you want to achieve that perfect wealthy look, having an accessory such as this one can do the trick. Gold and tiger’s eye have always gone perfectly together. And, the golden beads look stunning on this one.

Triple Wooden Beads

Stacking wooden bracelets was always one of the weapons of choice for men who like to make loud fashion statements. The key in doing so is to use simple bracelets and not to go overboard. Three bracelets are enough to get the combination you want, and simplicity is the key. This combination will make a great addition to your casual outfits.

Blue Jasper and Gold Vermeil

This bracelet is a perfect gift for a fashionable man. The dashing combination of Jasper and gold can bring out the color in his outfits perfectly. It is simple, discrete, elegant, and it will go perfectly with his Sunday bests. But, at the same time, this bracelet goes well with casual combinations of anyone who enjoys the preppy style.

Celtic Knot and White Beads

The Celtic knot symbol will convey a bit of personality as well as mystery about the bracelet that has it. This simple bracelet works well and is very discreet, but it is the Celtic knot that makes it unique.

Lava Rock Krobo Bracelet

There is something incredibly masculine about lava rocks. They have an incredible appeal and give off the sense of power. And, when you combine such rocks with a few jasper beads, you elevate the entire look of it.

Black and Gold Spartan Bracelet

If you are looking for stylish elegance, you should never have to look further than the good old combination of black and gold. This bracelet is simple, beautiful and alluring. The matte black beads showcase the impeccable taste, while the golden spartan helmet radiates masculinity.

Final Thoughts

We know that picking the best bracelet for men is incredibly difficult. After all, most men won’t even know which style they like. And, if you are trying to get them a gift, it is almost too hard to guess what they will like. We hope our list will help you out in your search.



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